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Elmas is highly experienced in the beauty industry. As a therapist and a manager for 15 years. She has International experience in many different countries. Her dream to bring Ours to the new level of international business. 

Elmas' Story

Her primary care is: the clients must have the best experience they ever had, to reassure everyone that our services and client care will buy their hearts forever. Elmas always prioritises providing and ensuring a 5-star service across the salon floor. She is known to be very attentive, knowledgeable, and a perfectionist. She is a bubbly person with a constant smile. 
One of Elmas’s strengths is having the desire to find out what clients want and to aim to provide it. She understands just how important customer service is and always tries to meet client expectations. Elmas is passionate about creating an environment where both clients and staff love to come. She believes in providing excellent treatments that produce great results and treating clients with care and compassion when doing so. 
Elmas is a great believer in life-long learning and continuing to develop and has helped and encouraged her staff to continue with their professional development. Not just so they can become the best they can be for themselves but our clients too, so our clients continue to receive the excellent, professional, yet caring service they’ve become accustomed to receiving.
She speaks five languages, loves her family and life in all the ways!

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