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Our Sunbed Policy

We operate a strictly no under 18 policy for use of sunbeds as specified by law, so please don’t be offended if you are asked for ID. Also, we are unable to offer sunbeds to clients that have skin type 1.


Tanned skin protects you against sunburn (sunburn is thought to be the main cause of melanoma). By using sunbeds, where the level of UV can be controlled the risk of sunburn can be minimised. This is especially relevant in preparation for your holiday abroad.


We encourage moderate sunbed use as it is overexposure that carries the highest risk. In moderation sunbed use is good for you. It helps improve skin conditions like Psoriasis, Eczema and Acne. A sunbed helps to alleviate S.A.D. (Seasonal Affective Disorder), whilst offering relaxation and can increase confidence and self-esteem. 


Sunlight (UV) is the most efficient way for the body to manufacture Vitamin D. In the U.K. 6 out of 10 adults are deficient in Vitamin D. It is an essential vitamin for good health by boosting your immune system.

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